Friday, December 30, 2011

let it snow let it snow

(b side)

Ah, here in Southern California,
there is no snow,
there is never snow.

You have to drive
to find

I take comfort in knowing that
out there,
is the most beautiful scene of
hills covered in white.

Homes covered in icicles.
Frosted trees bare and asleep,
the land pure and clean.

In my imagination
there is this peaceful place.

There is no such sight here.
Outside my window the nieghbor cleans his
garbage truck.

I guess,
the saying holds true,
the grass is always greener
on the other
even when buried underneath the snow.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

the littlest lion

she is the littlest lion.

a small white fluffy dog
with a lion's heart.

see her kick the
dirt behind her

see her stride
with a confidence larger
than herself.

see her
showing off her
tiny fearsome teeth.

She is the littlest lion,
and no one can see.

can anyone see the brave lion
tamer in me.


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Good Doctor

I think of those days

It was the beginning of the new millennium
It was the apartment next to the Sorority house
It was Berkeley

I had moved in with a good friend.

We bonded the way men bond,

over music
over alcohol
over girls.

there was communism and machetes
there was bar tending and paintings
there was golden eye and pornography
there was bitterest taste of Israeli cigarettes

at the end of it all he
was like a brother.

i expected to know him for life.
the way you expect your
teeth to last forever.

I left Berkeley,
He left Berkeley

He became a doctor

I became lost
down my own path to salvation.

We haven't seen each other in years.

There are times I put pride aside
and ask to see him.

There are polite exchanges,
and plans.

Plans that carry as much weight as mist.
As much weight as apparitions.
(the ghost of our younger selves)

And yes, this wounds
my pride.

I don't think of those days any less fondly.
This is just the way it is.

Time will heal this.
Some wounds heal
without a doctor.


Monday, October 31, 2011

santa cruz

I met Rick
the first week of college.

We all went on a trip to Santa Cruz,
it was his hometown.

While there
we went to visit an angel.

A home town girl
Rick had left behind
or something.

She was a charming creature,
bright eyed,
tanned skin
cared for and loved
by the sun
of Santa Cruz.

We all went to beach.

I had never seen the ocean at night

Fantasies of growing up near the ocean were born,
fantasies of growing up with her.

This was a whole different life
i would never know.

Rick and the girl
ran onto the beach.

the two of
then ran off into ocean.

They ran into the night,
fading into the dark.
(it was a goddamn teenage movie.)

Remembering it brings me a
small joy.

It wasn't exactly my memory and
I don't remember
it perfectly-

But goddammit I hope somebody does.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Deus Ex Machina

My father was a

A real bastard.

He taught me to take
a beating like a champ.

like a slot machine, he
on what sort man he would make
out of his son,
each time he raised his arm.

two strokes calmed him down,
for awhile, and only for awhile.

he became a bastard
from his wheelchair too.

There were times I'd damn him
to hell,
even though I do not
believe in hell.

There were times I'd pray
for him,
and times I'd see him pray,
(perhaps for me).

I was sure He
loved me,
the way a god loves his creations.

The way God loves
the serpent
the locust
the weed

My father was a villain,
until one day he wasn't.

One day it stopped.

It just stopped
like the way
it stops raining
the way a match goes out.

It just stopped
as if God had some free time
between wars and famine to resolve
this drama.

Whatever the reason, it does not
matter anymore.

I forgive him, I love him.

My father was a villain,
He was.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

In the future there will be televison

when I think of my future,
there is not much fear.

when I was young I
was afraid of what
would become of me.

not knowing if I would
sleep alone in my bed
or if there would be children
but not much of a paycheck.

would I fail,
squander potential,
mad in an empty room?

would I become my father?

when I was young I was afraid.

but now I am in the future of
my younger self.

no wife, no children.
no status.

I am unable to afford
a dentist
a doctor
let alone
flowers, chocolates or

I watch television shows
about the universe and physics,
meth cooks and

my dog curls by my side
every night, as
I go to sleep at 4am.

there are far worse,

I no longer
fear the future.

I am confident
the bombs will never go off
the world will not end
there will be television in the future.


Friday, September 23, 2011

advice to a younger man

She is
deep inside
you now.

like a
straight to the heart,
(from the back).

the worse is done.
It can only get better from here.

Best to forget that
you once swore to
die for her.
Better that
love make a liar of you,
than a damn fool.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Should all else fail

(B Side)

Should all else fail
your love be

Should you lose her,
and see it all happening
in slow motion.

before she finds another,
Take her one last time and
whisper in her ear-

Nobody can do the Skate-
Like I do

Nobody can do the Boogaloo-
Like I do

Nobody can do the Philly-
Like I do

nobody, nobody....


Saturday, September 17, 2011


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A special thanks to
Poetry Palace and would like to nominate Muzzle Flashing

Friday, September 16, 2011


Ulysses was lost at sea,
trying to reach his true love.

He was tempted,
by the Sirens.

The Sirens sang to him.
The Sirens song drove him mad.

Ulysses tied himself to ship's mast,
to keep from going to them,
and to his death.

he wanted to hear their

you are no Siren,
you sing no song.

it's the light in
your eyes-

like a lighthouse
lighting my way
as I steer my ship straight for the rocks,
and my own demise.

your eye's
light the way

your eye's shine
upon the truth

Shining your light upon the rocks.

guided by the light
of your eyes,
I'm coming home.

full steam ahead.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Better Luck Next Time

I wanted to
describe you the way
you would describe
a Tiger.

or a perfect
shard of broken glass.

Something fragile as paper ashes
before they crumble

and hidden
like a small mouse in the wall.

I wanted to get it down perfect.
Perfect as shark's teeth.

This will have to do for now.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


That girl
is dangerous with her curly hair,
and long legs.

Dangerous because,
you will get tangled in her hair
like a net
and be unable to outrun her
with those legs.

She is dangerous,
because she doesn't need you.

There is only one of her,
and so many of you.

She will initiate you into
her cult, and you will thank her.

you will hang in a web for days,

there will be no escape.



Aquella morena
es peligrosa, con su pelo rizado,
y piernas largas.

porque usted será enredado en su pelo
como una red
y seras incapaz de correr más rápido que ella
con aquellas piernas.

Ella es peligrosa.
Por que no te necesita.

Hay sólomente una de ella,
y tantos de ustedes.

Ella te iniciar en su culto,
y le daras gracias.
Colgaras de su telaraña por dias,

No habrá ningun escape.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

What the Psychic Said

"La luna me dice una cosa.
Las estrellas me dicen otra."- Los Lobos

what the psychic said,
was to let you be.
That I was into you more,
more than you were into me.
you would be with him
for a long time.

So, I let you be.

what the streetlight said is to Go!
what the pen said again
and again is your name.
what the shoe said is to dance with you.
what the song said is "Hey love,
you're my one true soul desire"
what the heart said is to love you, anyways.
what the fire said is to not get burned.
what the bartender said is to forget

what you have to say,
is all that matters now.


Friday, August 19, 2011

A Handsome Man

At night,
when I walk
down the streets of Los Angeles,
I avoid eye contact
and trouble.

a man came walking in the 
the opposite direction.

tattoos covered his face,
like evil clown's

Tattoos telling me
I need to know about who he is,
and where he has been.

He tells me,
I am a handsome man.

With no time to reflect on the statement
I thank him..

When another man can kill you,
you don't argue.

I continue down the street a little quicker.
I was never good with compliments.


Captains of Industry

The laundry mat is always full.

washing machines
massive blocks of white cubes.

Islands in a sea of color.

The mismatched dressed patrons
of the laundry mat, look like

Captains of their laundry carts.
They hang
bed sheets,
and stained work clothes on the carts
like sails
on a ship.

Fighting off one another,
waiting to strike,
taking the dryer like plunder.

While the washers spin like vortexes,
whirlpools in their bellies.
hungry monsters
eating up all the loot.

The mismatched patrons, the wives of the
working class.
keeping their husbands and their work clothes clean-
keeping the washing machine going in order to
keep the cogs in the machine of Capitalism going.


Masters of their own destiny
and the true
Captains of Industry.


Coaches Make Winners

He was yelling at

Barking out orders
to small athletes,
as they pretend
to be football players.

He yelled at them
with so much anger,
it was verging on hatred.

like a drunken father,
planting fear.

Some cried,
it only angered him more.

I felt I needed to do something.
This is not the way to make men.

These small athletes, still boys,
will learn not to cry.

They will learn to be ashamed of it.

They will grow to be men,
scared to be seen by other men,
as weak
as fags
or homos

They will grow to be incomplete men

incomplete to their future lovers and wives.
incomplete to sons of their own.

This is no way to make men.

I talk to another coach to do something, anything.
He tells me the Coach is doing his job.
He looks at me like I could never understand.

I can't understand,
and for this
I am grateful.


At least

She once told me
she needed to be nicer to people


She was one of the nicest
people I knew.

That was,
I needed her to be nicer to me.

I  tried
to understand her like a book.

She closed her cover before i got half way.

before i could figure
out how it was going to end...

But she was,
who she said she was.

She may be a little fucked up,
but at least she's not a liar.


figuratively speaking

(B Side)

figures drawn on page
figure eight in the ice

She's kept her figure

action figures
figurines blown to smithereens

father figures

You'd figure
we'd have learn our lesson by now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New York In Autumn

It was the spring after the towers fell,
I went to New York with
a broken heart.

I wanted
company, so I decided to walk
the City streets.

The people were beautiful.

The women  shined
in their spring  dresses.

They shined like the City at night

Even among the concrete and the brick,
Nature was green and alive.

The birds, (not killed off by cab
even got into the act.

it was all too much.
far too much.

As I walked down crowded streets,
I felt alone.

I must come back to New York
in Autumn.

When the weather is mild,
and the people cover
their skin.
the leaves on the trees
will be dying.
and the birds will prepare to leave for the winter.

Then, there will be the most beautiful breeze,
as we all button up our jackets,


Thursday, August 04, 2011

Busted Halo

I've got a busted halo
hanging from my head
a broken wing.

My white robe at the cleaners with a stubborn coffee stain.

My infinite love, narrowed down to Blondes.

My sword of justice,
(only used once)
up for bid on an auctioning site.

I am not much of an Angel,
but instead have lived
one Hell of a life.


Great Expectations

There are times
when we know ourselves so well,
that eventually,
we fail to surprise ourselves.

I know what I plan on doing,
even though I keep
saying I won't.

You have expectations of me.

I tell myself this time is different,
I have greater expectations of myself.
At least I say I do.

This is not a form of lying,
lying requires knowing the truth first,
with you I can only guess.


plum (a metaphor for carnal relations)

The plum's deep purple color is

Not having tried one in awhile,
I remember that they can be tart
or sweet.

There is an expectation before the bite-

Then there is a surprise-
none at all.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

small bird

There is real evil in this

there are monsters,
you will not find them under any bed.

They walk among
have names,
and get hair cuts.

they are monsters
who destroy,
and kill.

They are
what we protect our
children from.

She was still a child.

innocent like
a small bird.

she was brave.

she told me what
the monster did.

the world stopped.
all other problems vanished.

i tell her its not her fault
i tell her it ends today.

but really there are no words.

There are no words
to explain why
there is evil in this world.

I tell her everything will be okay one day.
I believe my words,
only time will tell if I have lied.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Want A French Girlfriend

I want a French
girlfriend, one
who looks like Angelique Boyer.

Watch films
by Gordard and Truffaut

Laugh to
Cinderfella, The Bellboy, and The Nutty Professor

Drink  Château Cheval Blanc
wine out of paper cups

smoke Gauloise cigarettes,
like the French resistance

We' ll have sex
in the back of cars and in bushes and trees

We'll read
Verlaine,  Rimbaud, and  Apollinaire
by candle light

and she'll have a lover
on the side

and i'll have a lover
on the side

(it would be alright)

and it will all be
so perfectly boring-
because she still wouldn't be you.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

crime scene

They finally cleaned up the crime scene
one block over.

The yellow tape is gone
The smashed brick mail box is gone
The white candles with the virgin Mary are gone.

all the neighbors will be gone.
(as they all move away. )

There goes the neighborhood...


Sunday, July 17, 2011

skinny bitch

It happens to the best of us.
It happens to the worst of us.

It happens to dictators
and  clowns-

It happens to waiters
and lawyers-

It happens to hospital patients
and cops-

it happens by news of death,
or by knockout.

it happens by  divorce,
or by the final score of a game.

it comes from a skinny bitch,
too well aware of her own beauty,
but not of her cruelty.

(either way)

A temporary,
yet complete and utter feeling
of defeat, comes to us all.
(at one point or another)

And what we do then,
is what separates men from gods.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Apology Accepted

I wanted to tell him that i was sorry,
if he ever thought I tried to
steal his girl.

I wanted him to know
I knew what it
felt like to see someone you care about
no longer care.

If it's any
Consolation, there was never
anything for me there.
and in the end I got what I deserved.

Always wanting to do the right thing.-

I tried to apologize,
but it didn't matter to him..

He just looked at me like he had no idea what i was talking  about.
 He laughed.

Given the girl in question,
was good
enough for me.


Straight up G

(B side)

my dog penny is gangsta
my old camaro is gangsta
these ugly green shorts are gangsta
her booty getting bigger every week is gangsta
the crack in my windshield is gangsta
these sunglasses are gangsta
gangsters are gangsta
The record player is gangsta
Happy meals are gangsta
The cross on my wall is gangsta

That is gangsta
You are gangsta
This is gangsta.


Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bow and Curtsy

She is skinny and tall,
I like her face.

while we dance,
I bow and she curtsies

I ask if I can call her.

She says  we should go

Sure I say.

Although-I don't want to
disappoint her
Besides, she's seen my best dance moves,
that's including the bow.


Saturday, July 02, 2011

the express lane

She is a decent
looking woman,
casually dressed and around my age.

She is 
standing behind me in the express lane at the supermarket
on a late Friday night.

she has two loafs of bread
and a bottle of  red wine.

I have a bottle of vodka,
and watermelon juice.

I think about pointing this out.

Casually mentioning,
we are both off to drink somewhere.

Maybe alone,
maybe among strangers.

Maybe she could use the company,

After all
Man does not live by bread alone.

I think about
expressing these thoughts, 

But I am on my way to some other fiasco...
and running late.


Too Good

She was a good girl.
I wanted to get to know her,
But she took a long time to get around to me.

Like a plant without watering.
Like a hole in a tire.
Like asphyxiation,
the excitement eventually laid down to sleep.

I wanted to get to know her,
and in way i did.

I'm good.
It's all good.
It was all just a little too good, to be true.


Friday, July 01, 2011

Clean Slate

I don't mind being alone-
without a woman in my life.

The right one
when she's ready,
leaves when she's done.

The wrong ones
are always in the
process of leaving-
I just, can never tell.

She came and left without doing very much
and that's okay.

I wrote her name on my slate,
now I have wiped the slate clean.

I don't mind staring at
 a blank slate,
 as I think of all names, places and things  I can write on it-
but for now,
my mind goes blank as well.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Good Man

Don't like to brag-

I know 
I'm a Good Man.
A decent man

Ask anybody.

I am
a loving person
a giving person
"humble" when called for

I've repented for most my
and one miracle short of Sainthood.
I do not associate myself with Delinquents,
Loose Women,
and Scoundrels-

I am a good man,
looking for a good woman.

(Now, if only-
both of those statements were true.)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Summary of Roles and Encounters with Women in My Life In Six Acts

Act I

They are my sisters.
They are my nurses.
They are saints.
They are therapist and editors.
They are saviors an benefactors.
They are a charity.
They love me-

They watch Shows about
cupcake makers,
and hair salons.
I watch with them-

They eat healthy
and gourmet.
I steal their food-

They are a secret society,
and they have let me in.
I am their sister too-

Act II

God may or may not be a woman,
but my mother is.
She is like God.

She created me
in her own image.

Convinces no one will ever love me as much.

She is constantly
angry with her creation.

God is infinite love, and
the destroyer of cities.

God is always watching

I am a sinner.

I worship god.
Sacrifice for god-

I believe in god, but
she doesn't believe in me.


Women and Men

Built different
Talk different
Think different
Need different
Love different


Even if I'm wrong,

Act IV

The feminist
have my name on a list.

Every so often they
will send one of their agents
to bat their eyes
and walk a walk.

There is just something about them,
than the other girls.

At fifteen the first one came.

I called myself one of them,
but what did I really understand.
 I just wanted to be loved.

At twenty-five came the second.

I believed that she
wanted to
not only be free of me,
but of any man.

And I was right.

At twenty eight came the third.

Telling me she wanted to make babies,
and I guess I made the mistake of believing her.

I made her cry, but i was just an
angry boy.

I was still disappointed by the first...
Still angry at the first.

I looked for her in every woman.
Sometimes to reclaim her
Sometimes to avoid her
But it was always the first-

The feminist
have my name on a list,

They sometimes send their agents, and after all this time
I can only guess why?

My best guess is
they believe I can still learn,
and there is hope for me yet.

Act V

My therapist
once asked what it
meant to have a woman therapist

Well, its
like having a woman doctor
or watching a woman boxer

like voting for a woman as president
or having your hair cut by a woman

it is like
hearing a woman sing,
or a woman judge finding a defendant guilty

like reading a woman author
or having a woman waitress-

its about how much
they love their job.

its how well they can take a punch,
and get up, when life knock them down.

this especially true
for the boxer.


Friday, June 24, 2011



their is nothing else but this moment.

Your ego will
fill up your mind
with meaningless things.

there are sounds all around
but no one
is calling your

She and all the rest,
are not here.

Parking tickets,
library fines,
and Death,
are not here

there is nothing you want
Nothing is here, but this moment-



Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Then the Other

"Oh you silly stupid pastime of mine
You were always good for a rhyme"-F.A

this is the way
babies are made.

beautiful skin,
long black boots,
big breast,
bright red lips
child bearing hips

You said there was
song that reminded you
of me.


" looked as sincere as a dog"

I am no dog.

We have flirted

But its been awhile.
Seeing her, well, its too much


"Just as sincere as a dog does,
When it's the food on your lips with which it's in love"

I am no dog.

I am the wolf,
hungry for days

I am the wolf
no one pets me
no one feeds me
I'm nobody's bitch.

so I leave her and
her body
back where I found them,
surrounded by
the dogs foaming at the

who will
roll over

This is the way babies are made,
just not mine, just not tonight.


The Good Girl

Good parking spaces downtown are hard to find.
Good help is hard to find.
Good women, are
almost damn near impossible to find.

Men weep,
fight wars,
kill each other in dark alleys-
for lack of a good woman.

But I found one-

One with
kindness in her eyes.

Now I must be humble,
just to know
a good Girl,
a  good Woman
an Angel-

glows like an Angel-

I never say that
about anyone.

that's not completely true.

I have kissed a devil before,
I sometimes forget that
the Devil was once an angel too.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Plan


The plan is simple.
Go talk to her.
Get to know her.
wait for the first clean shot
take it.

rinse and repeat-


All the timing is off, and all i can do is watch her go...

nothing ever goes according to plan.
some men spend fifty years married to a woman they hardly know.
some men spend fifty years in prison for an idea that seem good at the time.
some men never see it coming
some men build bomb shelters
some men never learn

some men never need to have a plan B
some men have only ever make escape plans.

some men never make plans,
I am not one of those men.


I was loyal to the master plan and found her.

I takes her
seven days to say yes to my

But she has yes none the less,
and the
dance has begun.

We make plans
to see each other.

I don't know
if all the
stars will line up,
 or if the sun will eclipse
the moon.
if the water will freeze in winter cold.

But I do know I'll meet her half way.

She is a good girl,
and I hope to show her
I'm a good guy.

Well, at least I  plan to.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It was Guatemala in
the 1940's
in those days America sent some
doctors into their country.

They sent men in white coats
to give the Guatemalan people

They gave it to prostitutes
They gave it soldiers
They gave it to the poor,
They gave it to children.

They brought in an
scared and
alone in the world
parted her legs
and gave her a disease
against her will.

Men in white coats who took an oath to
do no harm.

But it was the 1940's
and things were different back then,
hadn't discovered
the human value
of the Guatemalan people yet.

  America hadn't discovered
the human value of
the poor
the prostitute
the lowest ranking soldiers
its orphan children,

It is now 2011,
and I'm sorry
to report
is still working on it.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friends with The Butcher

Her friends call her the Butcher-

Her eyes are sharp as knives.
Her hair
and ever-

 making her seem to
constantly be
moving while standing still-

Her name is to be said a certain way,
and like a witches spell.

the way you say it can either
or hex you.-

She stood up to me once, telling me,
I was contradicting myself,
(which I was)
Challenging me in a room full of people who had nothing to say.

had something to say.-
 I like that.

Her friends call her the Butcher
joking  that she's
always after fresh meat.

I don't know about that.

 It has nothing to do with me-

 Besides I am safe,
years past my expiration date.

I like being friends with the Butcher-
 much better than
i ever did with the
Baker and
Candle Stick Maker.


Call her Cindy

Her name tag said
but on the side of her grey, worn converse shoes,
she wrote
Cindy along with 
two other names.

One of the other names was a
girls name perhaps of
her best friend,
or lover.

The other name was blurred
and faint..

Not important enough to
to re ink into bold new letters.

I will never see this person again,
I can not tell you if she believes in Hell,
What she thinks of Norman Mailer,
or state of the human condition.

What i can tell you is she likes to be called


Boom Town

There is gold hidden in your

I am sure of it.

I can feel it,
the way people feel a
storm coming on.

I am not the only one on the streets of your boom town,
there's gold in them hills.

Between he and I,
this town isn't
big enough for the both of us.

Only one of us can strike it rich.
Only one of can stake a claim.

Only one,
and my prospects are good.

And if it is fools gold,
so be it,
for I am fool.

I have my pick and shovel.
I have my matches
and dynamite-

and this town will go boom,
one way or the other.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

get wonderful

(B Side)

as i close my eyes
the phrase "get wonderful"
in my mind.

What would it mean
to "get wonderful?"

who or what is it?
Where to look?

I haven't felt wonderful,
in a long time.

the idea of
feeling that way appeals to me.

Until I can figure this out,
I go back to sleep,
slip into the darkness
and forget about how
wonderful I'm not.


They always come in twos

They always come in twos
its just the way it
is for me.

as if there is some
alarm that goes off
that they hear.

as if there is a
mating season
particular to me.

They always come
in twos-
and sometimes
one is sent by the heavens
and one is sent from hell
to test
my faith for the other,
and sometimes I fail.

But that is fine, because
I can always sing for one and cry for the other
The poems
do not care who they name, as long as they name.

and sometimes,
both are a
but that is never the tragedy.
the real tragedy is that they
also leave in twos.

so now that one, is long gone,
(for better or worse)
there is only you left-

and I would find any other to fill the air with noise,
to feed with her cruelty and immaturity,
to waste my time,
to be reckless with my heart
if it meant
the law  is obeyed and you stay a little longer.


What is the point

What is the point of it all?
the point of
all this misery
and glory to find the words.

What is the point of all
this poetry?

It is the point between
madness and love

It is the point between
helpless and hunter

it is the point between
you and me

but mostly,
when i was 15
I swore 
to fall on the 
point of her

if I ever stopped trying
to please her...


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good at Being Pretty

She is good at being pretty.

Her hair long and brown
like a perfect horses tail.

eyes are brown like  marbles,
and the best part is-
there are two of her
walking the earth.

The universe thought there weren't enough trees
or clean rives,
so they gave the world two
of her. 

Twin sisters.

I once ran into one of them while at dinner.

I waved
but she didn't recognize me.
(I guess it was the sister I didn't know.)

That is until,
the other sister comes in
and I wave again.
(she didn't recognize me either.)

When you're pretty
you don't have to wave at anyone-
remember anyone's name-
laugh at anyone's joke-

You don't have to be
pretty on the inside.

She's good at being pretty,
good at being a girl.
So good the
universe made two.

I'm not very good at being handsome,
I will wave at you,
remember your name
laugh at your joke.

I'm not much
good at being a man-
 but then again,
there is only one of me...


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr. Wonder

For Stevie Wonder

That funky baseline-
the horns come in
and your
begins the fireworks

Mr Wonder is
but sees
things most people
never will-

Mr. Wonder
sees  sound
Christmas lights-

Having inner-visions
turning the darkness
into light

Creating Music
 Setting Fire
Freeing the Soul

Forging sound that
has helped heal hearts-
perhaps even mine.

And some will say
being blind is a tragedy.
that all depends
on how you see it.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Monday, June 06, 2011

Poor Boy

As we left, we hear the sound of
a car scraping
against the ground, so we look over.

a young man gets out of his souped up
getting on his back to look under his bumper.

For a moment
I think the car will take this chance to seek
revenge for something.

But nothing.

We keep walking and then
the young man guns his engine.

He speeds away
as if fleeing
a crime scene-

As if us witnessing this event
made him less of  a man.

Poor boy,
I feel bad for him,
he thinks he has so much  to prove to everyone.
and failing miserably


Saturday, June 04, 2011

Everything Must Go

We are going out of

Everything must go!

Everything on clearance,
Priced to move.

Hand holds priced to

soft embrace and kisses
factory sealed
30 to 40 percent off

Hopes and
at 50 -70 percent off.

We are going out of

Everything must go!

Our loss,
Is Your gain

Our loss
is Your gain

Our loss...

Monday, May 30, 2011

I don't think you are

While in a corner
She made her way with her sister
to ask if I
had a light.

She could have
left it  at that
she began
 to ask about me.

little by little-
I tell why I'm
in this corner.

I tell her my situation-
about you and
me, and
how i am where I should not be-
and she
curls around me like a ring
of smoke.

It felt good to have
someone hear my side of it,

I don't think you're a bitch,
but she does.


There Are Easier Ways

There are easier ways
to get rid of me-

You can punch me,
pull my hair,
or spit on me-

You can
make fun of me,
laugh in my
or steal from me .

You can say you just wanna
be friends and
walk away.

You can run away,

You can push me down stairs,
or poison me-

You can step on my fucking
blue suede shoes.

There are easier ways
to get rid of me
than to
invite me into your world
and then leave me there
waiting for you to show.


On the way there

On the way there,
there was poor feline left in the street to decay
I felt sad for it,

On the way there
there was rooster left in the lane to decay
I felt sad for it,

But I am on my way to
see you
and must be at peace,

As a black BMW cuts
me off
making brake,
and  my horn blast out.

I finally got to see you
and then...

On the way back another
BMW cuts into my lane
and I
already filled with disappointment
have nothing left but
to blare my horn
again and again-

Moving closer and closer to
The lane
then slows as across-
an accident stops all traffic
cars decay

and police cars shine their
imposing lights-

it is there
 I begin
to see that the universe is sending me
a sign
a warning-
not once or twice
but insisting
to pay attention.

Let her be-
or else
may not make it out alive.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

small gifts

It is in those
unimportant moments.

In the small
little moments where
nothing is said or

No matter who's around,
it feels
like just you and me.

I feel at peace.

It is in those moments
that i
being around you.

You never have
to tell me you don't love me.

I never have to hear what already know.

they  are small gifts
I allow myself.

You don't ever
have to say anything.
that's never the point...


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The nagivator

You're our navigator,
telling me which way to

How far to go.

You are the DJ
playing the right songs
for the moment

and should the song turn

and should you
want to
turn around -
go home-

Well, that would be okay

For now, you sit there
with me in the moment.
where we are going.

And everything's
gonna be okay
as long
as you let the song
play to the end.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Should the World End Tomorrow

Should I believe
the world is ending-

Should my faith in God falter,
have nothing left to fear but hell.

Should I believe the world will
end tomorrow,
I would tell you everything
that I've locked inside.

I want to tell you about
first time I
noticed you
and the world seemed
somehow brighter.

and how when you
wear your hair a certain way,
it flows like like a endless black river
through the snow.

I want to tell you
how I've tried to
disappear to make
your life easier.

to let you go-
and wont.

Should the world end tomorrow,
I'd want you to know.

Before you take his hand
to watch the last sunset-

and I wait to take your hand
to see the next sunrise,
that may never come.


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