Monday, October 13, 2014

Does Anyone Ever Really Know Anyone

"Two icy-cold hands conducting the way,
It's the Eskimo blood in my veins"- SPM

I asked her to lay her bare body upon me,
but not in the usual way.

I wanted to feel her endless back
upon my chest and belly.

I wanted to feel the full weight of her, in the morning light.

For her to guide my hand upon her island-
to navigate me to the temple to worship.

But in that silence-
something is lost in translation.

she will ask if I wanted her
to lay that way,
so that I could know what it was like to be a woman.

If only it were that easy, then every man would know.

some will choose to only ever know
pleasure or pain from a woman.

I will her know skin, hair, muscle and bones,
but I can never completely know what it like to be a woman,
the same way
knowing religion does not make you god.

she could only teach me to be a better man.

But she didn't know how.

So I settled to know pleasure for now,
the pain would surely follow.

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