Monday, May 30, 2011

On the way there

On the way there,
there was poor feline left in the street to decay
I felt sad for it,

On the way there
there was rooster left in the lane to decay
I felt sad for it,

But I am on my way to
see you
and must be at peace,

As a black BMW cuts
me off
making brake,
and  my horn blast out.

I finally got to see you
and then...

On the way back another
BMW cuts into my lane
and I
already filled with disappointment
have nothing left but
to blare my horn
again and again-

Moving closer and closer to
The lane
then slows as across-
an accident stops all traffic
cars decay

and police cars shine their
imposing lights-

it is there
 I begin
to see that the universe is sending me
a sign
a warning-
not once or twice
but insisting
to pay attention.

Let her be-
or else
may not make it out alive.


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