Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Summary of Roles and Encounters with Women in My Life In Six Acts

Act I

They are my sisters.
They are my nurses.
They are saints.
They are therapist and editors.
They are saviors an benefactors.
They are a charity.
They love me-

They watch Shows about
cupcake makers,
and hair salons.
I watch with them-

They eat healthy
and gourmet.
I steal their food-

They are a secret society,
and they have let me in.
I am their sister too-

Act II

God may or may not be a woman,
but my mother is.
She is like God.

She created me
in her own image.

Convinces no one will ever love me as much.

She is constantly
angry with her creation.

God is infinite love, and
the destroyer of cities.

God is always watching

I am a sinner.

I worship god.
Sacrifice for god-

I believe in god, but
she doesn't believe in me.


Women and Men

Built different
Talk different
Think different
Need different
Love different


Even if I'm wrong,

Act IV

The feminist
have my name on a list.

Every so often they
will send one of their agents
to bat their eyes
and walk a walk.

There is just something about them,
than the other girls.

At fifteen the first one came.

I called myself one of them,
but what did I really understand.
 I just wanted to be loved.

At twenty-five came the second.

I believed that she
wanted to
not only be free of me,
but of any man.

And I was right.

At twenty eight came the third.

Telling me she wanted to make babies,
and I guess I made the mistake of believing her.

I made her cry, but i was just an
angry boy.

I was still disappointed by the first...
Still angry at the first.

I looked for her in every woman.
Sometimes to reclaim her
Sometimes to avoid her
But it was always the first-

The feminist
have my name on a list,

They sometimes send their agents, and after all this time
I can only guess why?

My best guess is
they believe I can still learn,
and there is hope for me yet.

Act V

My therapist
once asked what it
meant to have a woman therapist

Well, its
like having a woman doctor
or watching a woman boxer

like voting for a woman as president
or having your hair cut by a woman

it is like
hearing a woman sing,
or a woman judge finding a defendant guilty

like reading a woman author
or having a woman waitress-

its about how much
they love their job.

its how well they can take a punch,
and get up, when life knock them down.

this especially true
for the boxer.


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