Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New York In Autumn

It was the spring after the towers fell,
I went to New York with
a broken heart.

I wanted
company, so I decided to walk
the City streets.

The people were beautiful.

The women  shined
in their spring  dresses.

They shined like the City at night

Even among the concrete and the brick,
Nature was green and alive.

The birds, (not killed off by cab
even got into the act.

it was all too much.
far too much.

As I walked down crowded streets,
I felt alone.

I must come back to New York
in Autumn.

When the weather is mild,
and the people cover
their skin.
the leaves on the trees
will be dying.
and the birds will prepare to leave for the winter.

Then, there will be the most beautiful breeze,
as we all button up our jackets,


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