Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Grave Digger

For Gigi

There is no hole deep enough
to bury the longing to walk with you again.

But I keep digging.

I try to do a good job.
Making a perfect hole.

But there no hole 
deep enough to bury
what I feel.

What am i burying?

It is not the love for you.
It is not the memory of you.
It is not my own suffering.

I try to do a good job,
Making a perfect hole.

I am tired of thinking of all
the things I could have done 

To keep you alive.
(If any)

My heart aches.
I want to at least get this one
miserable thing 

To show you I love you,
one last time.


She was tough old broad.
So small-

white fur. black lips.
Big black eyes that looked
into your soul.

She only had 6 teeth,
but that never stopped her
from picking fights with
the trash of this world.


She was a tough old broad.

But her love was tender.

She made my life better.
Her love was loyal -
She was better than most people.

Time is unforgiving.
Time takes.

You try so hard to hold on.

In my heart
I still hold you like a baby.

I hold you like a baby.

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