Thursday, June 16, 2011

They always come in twos

They always come in twos
its just the way it
is for me.

as if there is some
alarm that goes off
that they hear.

as if there is a
mating season
particular to me.

They always come
in twos-
and sometimes
one is sent by the heavens
and one is sent from hell
to test
my faith for the other,
and sometimes I fail.

But that is fine, because
I can always sing for one and cry for the other
The poems
do not care who they name, as long as they name.

and sometimes,
both are a
but that is never the tragedy.
the real tragedy is that they
also leave in twos.

so now that one, is long gone,
(for better or worse)
there is only you left-

and I would find any other to fill the air with noise,
to feed with her cruelty and immaturity,
to waste my time,
to be reckless with my heart
if it meant
the law  is obeyed and you stay a little longer.


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