Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good at Being Pretty

She is good at being pretty.

Her hair long and brown
like a perfect horses tail.

eyes are brown like  marbles,
and the best part is-
there are two of her
walking the earth.

The universe thought there weren't enough trees
or clean rives,
so they gave the world two
of her. 

Twin sisters.

I once ran into one of them while at dinner.

I waved
but she didn't recognize me.
(I guess it was the sister I didn't know.)

That is until,
the other sister comes in
and I wave again.
(she didn't recognize me either.)

When you're pretty
you don't have to wave at anyone-
remember anyone's name-
laugh at anyone's joke-

You don't have to be
pretty on the inside.

She's good at being pretty,
good at being a girl.
So good the
universe made two.

I'm not very good at being handsome,
I will wave at you,
remember your name
laugh at your joke.

I'm not much
good at being a man-
 but then again,
there is only one of me...


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