Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Better Luck Next Time

I wanted to
describe you the way
you would describe
a Tiger.

or a perfect
shard of broken glass.

Something fragile as paper ashes
before they crumble

and hidden
like a small mouse in the wall.

I wanted to get it down perfect.
Perfect as shark's teeth.

This will have to do for now.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


That girl
is dangerous with her curly hair,
and long legs.

Dangerous because,
you will get tangled in her hair
like a net
and be unable to outrun her
with those legs.

She is dangerous,
because she doesn't need you.

There is only one of her,
and so many of you.

She will initiate you into
her cult, and you will thank her.

you will hang in a web for days,

there will be no escape.



Aquella morena
es peligrosa, con su pelo rizado,
y piernas largas.

porque usted será enredado en su pelo
como una red
y seras incapaz de correr más rápido que ella
con aquellas piernas.

Ella es peligrosa.
Por que no te necesita.

Hay sólomente una de ella,
y tantos de ustedes.

Ella te iniciar en su culto,
y le daras gracias.
Colgaras de su telaraña por dias,

No habrá ningun escape.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

What the Psychic Said

"La luna me dice una cosa.
Las estrellas me dicen otra."- Los Lobos

what the psychic said,
was to let you be.
That I was into you more,
more than you were into me.
you would be with him
for a long time.

So, I let you be.

what the streetlight said is to Go!
what the pen said again
and again is your name.
what the shoe said is to dance with you.
what the song said is "Hey love,
you're my one true soul desire"
what the heart said is to love you, anyways.
what the fire said is to not get burned.
what the bartender said is to forget

what you have to say,
is all that matters now.


Friday, August 19, 2011

A Handsome Man

At night,
when I walk
down the streets of Los Angeles,
I avoid eye contact
and trouble.

a man came walking in the 
the opposite direction.

tattoos covered his face,
like evil clown's

Tattoos telling me
I need to know about who he is,
and where he has been.

He tells me,
I am a handsome man.

With no time to reflect on the statement
I thank him..

When another man can kill you,
you don't argue.

I continue down the street a little quicker.
I was never good with compliments.


Captains of Industry

The laundry mat is always full.

washing machines
massive blocks of white cubes.

Islands in a sea of color.

The mismatched dressed patrons
of the laundry mat, look like

Captains of their laundry carts.
They hang
bed sheets,
and stained work clothes on the carts
like sails
on a ship.

Fighting off one another,
waiting to strike,
taking the dryer like plunder.

While the washers spin like vortexes,
whirlpools in their bellies.
hungry monsters
eating up all the loot.

The mismatched patrons, the wives of the
working class.
keeping their husbands and their work clothes clean-
keeping the washing machine going in order to
keep the cogs in the machine of Capitalism going.


Masters of their own destiny
and the true
Captains of Industry.


Coaches Make Winners

He was yelling at

Barking out orders
to small athletes,
as they pretend
to be football players.

He yelled at them
with so much anger,
it was verging on hatred.

like a drunken father,
planting fear.

Some cried,
it only angered him more.

I felt I needed to do something.
This is not the way to make men.

These small athletes, still boys,
will learn not to cry.

They will learn to be ashamed of it.

They will grow to be men,
scared to be seen by other men,
as weak
as fags
or homos

They will grow to be incomplete men

incomplete to their future lovers and wives.
incomplete to sons of their own.

This is no way to make men.

I talk to another coach to do something, anything.
He tells me the Coach is doing his job.
He looks at me like I could never understand.

I can't understand,
and for this
I am grateful.


At least

She once told me
she needed to be nicer to people


She was one of the nicest
people I knew.

That was,
I needed her to be nicer to me.

I  tried
to understand her like a book.

She closed her cover before i got half way.

before i could figure
out how it was going to end...

But she was,
who she said she was.

She may be a little fucked up,
but at least she's not a liar.


figuratively speaking

(B Side)

figures drawn on page
figure eight in the ice

She's kept her figure

action figures
figurines blown to smithereens

father figures

You'd figure
we'd have learn our lesson by now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New York In Autumn

It was the spring after the towers fell,
I went to New York with
a broken heart.

I wanted
company, so I decided to walk
the City streets.

The people were beautiful.

The women  shined
in their spring  dresses.

They shined like the City at night

Even among the concrete and the brick,
Nature was green and alive.

The birds, (not killed off by cab
even got into the act.

it was all too much.
far too much.

As I walked down crowded streets,
I felt alone.

I must come back to New York
in Autumn.

When the weather is mild,
and the people cover
their skin.
the leaves on the trees
will be dying.
and the birds will prepare to leave for the winter.

Then, there will be the most beautiful breeze,
as we all button up our jackets,


Thursday, August 04, 2011

Busted Halo

I've got a busted halo
hanging from my head
a broken wing.

My white robe at the cleaners with a stubborn coffee stain.

My infinite love, narrowed down to Blondes.

My sword of justice,
(only used once)
up for bid on an auctioning site.

I am not much of an Angel,
but instead have lived
one Hell of a life.


Great Expectations

There are times
when we know ourselves so well,
that eventually,
we fail to surprise ourselves.

I know what I plan on doing,
even though I keep
saying I won't.

You have expectations of me.

I tell myself this time is different,
I have greater expectations of myself.
At least I say I do.

This is not a form of lying,
lying requires knowing the truth first,
with you I can only guess.


plum (a metaphor for carnal relations)

The plum's deep purple color is

Not having tried one in awhile,
I remember that they can be tart
or sweet.

There is an expectation before the bite-

Then there is a surprise-
none at all.


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