Sunday, February 24, 2008

baby cult

did you hear
about those
teenager girls
having babies.

about 16 of them
all at once.

they made a pact to raise their children together.

got pregnant together,
as if
matching tatoos,
was no longer

sixteen teenagers decided to create life,
children making children.

I heard the school was now gonna hand out condoms, without parent consent.
as to suggest,
better late than never.

One pregnant
teenager is an independent film.

sixteen is a cult.

a baby cult.

giving pause to the western world.
giving pause to parents,
entertaining thoughts of
religion and
chastity belts.

They made the evening news.
It is not the end of the world.

when humanity first crawled from the mud,
it had food,
the comfort of shade.

satellites, leases, fast food,
kings, and the english language,

before the male god,
god was a woman

drivers licences,
and hip hop

the roman calander,

before god hated
the poor and loved
the rich.

making life was sacred.

it was god's will,
when god
was a woman.

It is not the
end of the world,
however should
anyone survive the end,
the female god make good
on her promise
this would be
a good begining.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

C word.

He tried to make me feel bad by calling me a clown.

I thought about it while we were talking, wondering if it was true.

It stung for a second because maybe he was right that i was.

Maybe that was who i was, maybe everyone agreed.
Maybe it was time to go. Leave the microphone.

Is it because i do my elvis impressions, the penguin poems, is it the jokes was it because i dressed up like a pirate once, it was just once.

I started to laugh at myself. I laughed good. I felt better, I felt good. It was healing.
I like laughing,

I love to hear it from others, it is the gift i try to give. it is medicine for our times.

Clown? Maybe?
There are worse things to be than a clown.



I started to think about
that one,
astronaut lady-

The one that was
all crazy,
and shit.

she was apparently
a sex fiend.

The US of A
blastn her sex fiend ass into

millions of dollars
to blast her ass into space,
and it wasn't enough.

finally she was undone
by jealousy.
broke in
and attempted to kidnap
somebody's girlfriend.

they say she had pampers
In her car trunk
when they busted her.
they say she liked to
wear them-

the news said that NASA
would test for
shit like this.

they said that NASA would test for
that kind of thing-

i think they will ask
what kind
of sex you have-
before they blast your ass
into space-

diagnosis it like a mental illness-

i've had good sex before,
and i can confirm...
that shit was crazy!


Friday, February 01, 2008

She said, it was dedicated to me....

She said,
it was dedicated to me....
then went off
with her poem.
went off
on some low life scum
and the bums that
her friends
had fallen for.

she might have been kidding,
she might not have,
either way,
in L.A.
there's no such thing as bad


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