Wednesday, October 21, 2009

tamale hustle

it's all about the tamale hustle,
making something out of nothing

when you don't have access to wall street,
main street,
easy street -
even though
you're a rent check away
from living on the street

yelling out "tamales",
with no
license, permit
or document legalizing
your right to existence

yelling out "tamales"
yelling out "fire"-
anyone and everyone

yelling out "tamales"
yelling out for
will get you nowhere.


Monday, October 19, 2009


(b side)

can we
pretend we just met.

i'd be
grateful if you'd just
hit reset-

let bygones be bygones
and let them slip through the net.

gimme a chance to
give and
not just get,

partners in crime
willing to aid and abet-

not asking you to forget
my crimes
just yet,

I'm not ready
to become a causality of
just yet.

not ready to
call off the bet
just yet.

ready on your mark-
get ready,
get set...


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