Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Lady Bugs

With the Spring came the insects.

My students have been
gathering the Lady Bugs
with their hands
putting them inside empty water bottles
filled with
air holes into the lids.

They covet these

They fight over them.
They fight to posses them.

There are those
who will pull the wings off
off the lady bugs.

Believing it's the only way 
To keep them from running

Some just like to
Pick things apart. 

Small hands
wielding the
great power to:


For some this is the closest they
have ever come to nature-
others this is closest they will
ever come to being


Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Grant Lee Buffalo

"We water like a dead bouquet, 
Does no good, does it dear?"- GLB

Grant Lee Buffalo are
back together,
and I don't know anyone else
who would care,
except you.

They were your band,
not our band.

You didn't give them to me,
I stole them from you.
Songs crafted
like the wings of birds,
and a voice
stolen from the whispers of lovers in the dark-

They were your band-

When I think of you now,
you were cooler
than I ever gave you credit for.

You knew your music.

I wasn't as cool as you-
but you loved me anyways.

There is no need to worry,
when I hear their songs
I don't think of you.
(Well not that often,
but how I wish I did.)

It was a shame
that band broke up.

It is a terrible shame when good things

Somethings should last for forever.
We were never one of those things.

I would have stayed forever.
I was loyal that way.

I would have married you.

After a couple pregnancy scares,
you have to consider it as something
more than
words shared by lovers in the dark.

Somethings are meant to break,
I just never expected to break so much.

Grant Lee Buffalo back together,
and I wanted to tell you.

I wanted to tell somebody.


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