Friday, July 20, 2012

Poem From An Email I Never Sent In 2002

"My family is so crazy,
especially the little one." she says

"You're gonna need a lawyer." i says

"Who you?" she says

"Yeah me..."

(there is a pause,
and it is followed by another pause)

"So you want to be a lawyer?" she says

"Yes." i says

"Well could you finish the set up in room 101?" she says

"Ok, ok"

"And no more sleeping on the job..."

"OK, OK no more sleeping." I says
no more sleeping
until i can lift my foot without the weight of the world upon it.

no more sleeping
until my eyes open on a shiny new everything.
no more sleeping
until I've read so much, my eyes need glasses.

no more sleep
until i can build
a lawyers home
with books and pages
windows made from reading glasses.

"Hey wake up!" she says.

"Sorry," i says
"I was just dreaming..."


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