Tuesday, August 04, 2009

the eighth continent

in the middle of the ocean there
is a
large mass of trash,
twice the size of texas.

it is where all the trash goes.

it is toxic to

it kills the birds
and the fish,

but it is so far away nobody cares.

one day-

she will be there,
words will be there,
that movie will be there,
the neighbor will be there,
and most politicians
and bored teachers-
her best friend,

her shoes,
her modest dress,
letters to friends,
letters to former friends,

their promises

their love,
their hate,
their absurdity

will be there.

one day i may find myself there,
on the eighth continent.
its president,
its king,
its ruler-

it is where all the trash goes.



  1. Wonderfully written. I love it immensely!

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    I love this--you are right--there is a great huge pile of trash swirling around out there. And perhaps one day we'll all get pulled into the vortex! It could happen!

  3. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I LOVE this! I've read this a handful of times and it keeps getting better! I love the list in the middle and it's particularly strong that we don't know who "she" is (ex-girlfriend? sister? some random girl?), but my favorite is that you turn this into a commentary on yourself at the end rather than just leaving this to be finger pointing at everyone else.
    I really do love this and will be back to check out more!

  4. Anonymous6:35 AM

    The last line: "it is where all the trash goes", and all the things you've mentioned were "things" that will be there, where all the trash goes... Wew, it made me think that we're all going to be "disposed" somehow, because we are not eternal. Wew... but that is my opinion of course. ^^

    Thumbs up. d^.^b


  5. This is brilliant in its simplicity. A great message. Well written :)


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