Sunday, May 22, 2011

Should the World End Tomorrow

Should I believe
the world is ending-

Should my faith in God falter,
have nothing left to fear but hell.

Should I believe the world will
end tomorrow,
I would tell you everything
that I've locked inside.

I want to tell you about
first time I
noticed you
and the world seemed
somehow brighter.

and how when you
wear your hair a certain way,
it flows like like a endless black river
through the snow.

I want to tell you
how I've tried to
disappear to make
your life easier.

to let you go-
and wont.

Should the world end tomorrow,
I'd want you to know.

Before you take his hand
to watch the last sunset-

and I wait to take your hand
to see the next sunrise,
that may never come.


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