Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Boring Statement of Acknowledgment

I was waiting to
write something
tragic to honor
the memory of our love,
in honor of you getting married, getting pregnant.

but this is wrong
this is a mistake,
you have moved on long ago

i am here with out
a child-
without a spouse.

i should thank you
for teaching me some
giving some laughs
making the nights of my youth much gentler

but mostly i wanted to
say thank you for
making me see how boring the past has become,
and how much more real
these nights are.

on living.


In the Beginning and the End

a woman
was at the beginning of this story,

referring to my
mother giving me life

or Eve in the garden
dancing with a snake

or the
girl who
made me want to
write poems for her,

or the first girl to make me feel loved,
which she sometimes did.

there is much to say,
so very much to say,
and not much time on
this rock to say it.

But I tell you this
at the end,
at the very end of this story
there will also be a woman

either cutting the rope to let me down,
or collecting the insurance money
they will be there one way or


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