Friday, December 30, 2011

let it snow let it snow

(b side)

Ah, here in Southern California,
there is no snow,
there is never snow.

You have to drive
to find

I take comfort in knowing that
out there,
is the most beautiful scene of
hills covered in white.

Homes covered in icicles.
Frosted trees bare and asleep,
the land pure and clean.

In my imagination
there is this peaceful place.

There is no such sight here.
Outside my window the nieghbor cleans his
garbage truck.

I guess,
the saying holds true,
the grass is always greener
on the other
even when buried underneath the snow.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

the littlest lion

she is the littlest lion.

a small white fluffy dog
with a lion's heart.

see her kick the
dirt behind her

see her stride
with a confidence larger
than herself.

see her
showing off her
tiny fearsome teeth.

She is the littlest lion,
and no one can see.

can anyone see the brave lion
tamer in me.


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