Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friends with The Butcher

Her friends call her the Butcher-

Her eyes are sharp as knives.
Her hair
and ever-

 making her seem to
constantly be
moving while standing still-

Her name is to be said a certain way,
and like a witches spell.

the way you say it can either
or hex you.-

She stood up to me once, telling me,
I was contradicting myself,
(which I was)
Challenging me in a room full of people who had nothing to say.

had something to say.-
 I like that.

Her friends call her the Butcher
joking  that she's
always after fresh meat.

I don't know about that.

 It has nothing to do with me-

 Besides I am safe,
years past my expiration date.

I like being friends with the Butcher-
 much better than
i ever did with the
Baker and
Candle Stick Maker.


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