Monday, October 31, 2011

santa cruz

I met Rick
the first week of college.

We all went on a trip to Santa Cruz,
it was his hometown.

While there
we went to visit an angel.

A home town girl
Rick had left behind
or something.

She was a charming creature,
bright eyed,
tanned skin
cared for and loved
by the sun
of Santa Cruz.

We all went to beach.

I had never seen the ocean at night

Fantasies of growing up near the ocean were born,
fantasies of growing up with her.

This was a whole different life
i would never know.

Rick and the girl
ran onto the beach.

the two of
then ran off into ocean.

They ran into the night,
fading into the dark.
(it was a goddamn teenage movie.)

Remembering it brings me a
small joy.

It wasn't exactly my memory and
I don't remember
it perfectly-

But goddammit I hope somebody does.



  1. oddly compelling.

    "I had never seen the ocean at night
    before. "

    That line is sublime.

  2. It's interesting how new waves of thought wash in after experiencing someone else's world, much enjoyed.


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