Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Construction was his profession

(The Friends of Miniver Cheevy Series: Part 4)

The only thing he loved more
than writing, was his wife.
(and after 7 years she wanted a divorce)

But Frank would tell you he was
a construction worker, not a poet.

He'd Say:
"It's not a fucken big deal.
My wife married a construction worker
not a poet.

I build things with my hands.

I put the world in order-
make it beautiful.

Sometimes things fall apart.
It could be a home-
It could be a truck-
It could be a life-

I make things beautiful.
Beautiful, who the fuck uses that word?
A poet?

But that's what it is man.
That's what it is to me.

and the sweat of an honest days work.

What I've always been amazed at,
when watching the news,
whether its
earth quakes,
or hurricanes,
all that shit
can all be put back together.

It can be put back together,
even a marriage."

Frank would tell you he was
a construction worker, not a poet.
He loved his wife.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A cat person

(The Friends of Miniver Cheevy Series: Part 2)

Carey was a cat person.

She was still young at 36 and
by all accounts still pretty as the
day was long.

Still single.

She didn't go out anymore,
didn't enjoy it anymore
way her younger self
used to.

Men are dogs anyway.

She'd tell you
she was waiting for the right one.

Till then the only man in her life was
Ferdinand the cat.

She'd tell you:
"Dogs are man's best
friend and
Dumb, not loyal."

Cats are clean, and don't need you except
for affection.
They can survive out on their own,
that's why I prefer felines."

Carey was a cat person.
but I assure you she was no cat lady.
(no, not yet)

Monday, January 02, 2012

A strong female mother figure

(The Friends of Miniver Cheevy Series Part 1)

They would grow up to be
wild beast
without a strong female mother figure,
Jo Anne
was sure of it.

At the ages of 19 and 17,
her teenage boys were
nothing but trouble.

They were the kind of boys
only a mother could love.
(and even that was up for debate at times)

Jo Anne was a strong woman,
strong willed the way Disney villains
are before going astray.

She is beautiful for a woman
who stays up worrying.
She did her best to raise them right
and figured
that whatever they were going through
was genetically
the fault of their father,
now deceased.
(god rest his soul)

Jo Anne was the kind of
strict mother who you would swear
was trained by the CIA.
(Denying the use of water boarding)

She was a master interrogator.
She could sniff out lies because
she was the best at telling them.
She could find
pot stashes,
and playboys
hidden in any:
inside of,
and disguised as.

She believed a man should never cry,
with the exception of
her two sons.

Jo Anne
was what you would call
a strong female mother figure.

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