Monday, May 30, 2011

I don't think you are

While in a corner
She made her way with her sister
to ask if I
had a light.

She could have
left it  at that
she began
 to ask about me.

little by little-
I tell why I'm
in this corner.

I tell her my situation-
about you and
me, and
how i am where I should not be-
and she
curls around me like a ring
of smoke.

It felt good to have
someone hear my side of it,

I don't think you're a bitch,
but she does.


There Are Easier Ways

There are easier ways
to get rid of me-

You can punch me,
pull my hair,
or spit on me-

You can
make fun of me,
laugh in my
or steal from me .

You can say you just wanna
be friends and
walk away.

You can run away,

You can push me down stairs,
or poison me-

You can step on my fucking
blue suede shoes.

There are easier ways
to get rid of me
than to
invite me into your world
and then leave me there
waiting for you to show.


On the way there

On the way there,
there was poor feline left in the street to decay
I felt sad for it,

On the way there
there was rooster left in the lane to decay
I felt sad for it,

But I am on my way to
see you
and must be at peace,

As a black BMW cuts
me off
making brake,
and  my horn blast out.

I finally got to see you
and then...

On the way back another
BMW cuts into my lane
and I
already filled with disappointment
have nothing left but
to blare my horn
again and again-

Moving closer and closer to
The lane
then slows as across-
an accident stops all traffic
cars decay

and police cars shine their
imposing lights-

it is there
 I begin
to see that the universe is sending me
a sign
a warning-
not once or twice
but insisting
to pay attention.

Let her be-
or else
may not make it out alive.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

small gifts

It is in those
unimportant moments.

In the small
little moments where
nothing is said or

No matter who's around,
it feels
like just you and me.

I feel at peace.

It is in those moments
that i
being around you.

You never have
to tell me you don't love me.

I never have to hear what already know.

they  are small gifts
I allow myself.

You don't ever
have to say anything.
that's never the point...


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The nagivator

You're our navigator,
telling me which way to

How far to go.

You are the DJ
playing the right songs
for the moment

and should the song turn

and should you
want to
turn around -
go home-

Well, that would be okay

For now, you sit there
with me in the moment.
where we are going.

And everything's
gonna be okay
as long
as you let the song
play to the end.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Should the World End Tomorrow

Should I believe
the world is ending-

Should my faith in God falter,
have nothing left to fear but hell.

Should I believe the world will
end tomorrow,
I would tell you everything
that I've locked inside.

I want to tell you about
first time I
noticed you
and the world seemed
somehow brighter.

and how when you
wear your hair a certain way,
it flows like like a endless black river
through the snow.

I want to tell you
how I've tried to
disappear to make
your life easier.

to let you go-
and wont.

Should the world end tomorrow,
I'd want you to know.

Before you take his hand
to watch the last sunset-

and I wait to take your hand
to see the next sunrise,
that may never come.


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