Friday, July 11, 2014

Fourth Place Aint So Bad

No one is special.

The beautiful will disagree.
The geniuses will disagree.
The rich will claim they are were chosen by the maker
to be special.

No one is special.

The holy will disagree.
The champion will disagree.
The politician will claim among men they are chosen by
the masses to be special

No one is special

The artist will disagree
The praised child will disagree
The colonizer will claim the color of his skin, history, and fate
chose him to be special.

To all this,
the Angels yawn.

You are all God.
You are all love

just the same atoms
the same points of energy
held together by an invisible force

you are separated from one another-

Convinced by:
Name badges
Pay stubs

That you are

So that, those who are not you:
The ugly
The stupid
The poor
The lazy
The invalid

are not the same atoms.
are not love
are not God-

If not Gods,
then yes you
are special.

Except to,
The angle of death
The disease that grows inside
without Waring
The stray bullet-

If not gods
then special,
until you return to ground and
placed in a box.

In the darkness,
there you will see you are equal-

To everyone,
To God,
especially to the worms.

Anna Karenina Was Cool

I like Russian names,
names like:


no I am not Russian,
my skin could never be so pale.

I like Russian names,
names like:


Perhaps I was Russian in a past life.

When I knew

When I knew what it was like, to
long for freedom.

I still long for freedom in this life,
just in a different way.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dirty Laundry

To expose your soul
through the written word,
is to be left
with no secrets.

All your dirty laundry
will hang out to dry.

You will stand naked-
for all to see
for all to judge

The Emperor has no clothes.

and they will judge
in the safety of
their costumes
their disguises
their armor

and yes I choose stand bare to the world.

like Adam
still in the garden
still naming the beast
still naked before his lover and god.

like Adam
before sin
before shame
before he lay his crown down, and cast out of paradise.

Poor Eve  to lose her lover to the

So yes, I will hang my dirty laundry,
To be clean.

and they will
scream in the streets
"the emperor has no clothes"!

I will say
" I am naked,
 and an Emperor.

Tell me something I did not already know."

Sunday, July 06, 2014

If You Want to Know Why

I got bored with success
I got bored with failure.

I got bored with enlightenment
I got bored with ego

I got bored with truth,
I got bored with lies.

I got bored with my poetry
I got bored with your poetry.

So now,
I will leave you all
leave this place,
this town.

I will find a land where
men fight men to death

Where the women are
fierce and take on many

where food is hunted
and eaten raw.

There covered in
scars and in the blood of
other men
I will write poems
so raw and beautiful-
will weep.

And I will recite them every night into the star filled emptiness-
until that becomes boring.

Only to return here
to tell you-
there is nothing more to say,
stand once again in God's silence.

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