Q. What is a FAQ?
A. FAQ is slang for cheese. Cheese however is slang for heroin.

Q. Has anyone ever asked any of the questions in FAQ, let alone frequently?
A. No.

Q. Who writes these poems, and how can we make them stop?
A. I do, and I've tried to stop. But alas Ain't no power like the power of the people. 'cause the power of the people don't stop! (Except on Sundays and Bank Holidays)

Q. Who did the drawing on the site's Header? It's really good. I mean its really great art. The person who drew it should be proud.

A. I drew it, thanks.

Q. What does it mean when it says (B side) before a poem?
A. It's not up to par, but i posted it anyway?

Q. Should a grown man in his thirties still write poetry?
A. Yes. However, I wouldn't put it on a resume.

Q.Why do you call yourself the Nefarious X?
A. Because Nefarious W was taken.

Q. Why do you write mostly about girls.
A. I was not aware I did.

Q. How can I find out if a poem is about me?
 A. You can't! Ha Ha, no just ask.

Q. Where do you get the pictures from?
A. Oh yeah, those...lets not mention that shall we.

Q. Can you write me a poem for grandma?
A. Is she cute?
Q. What is the best way to write a love poem.
A. Sober, trust me on that.

Q. What advice can you give another writer.
A. The same Bukowski gives, "Don't try"
and "learn how to win."

Q. Will you read my poetry?
A. Is that what you're calling it?! Sure, within reason.

Q. What inspires your writing?
 A. God, America, Freedom, have nothing to do with it.

Q. What is the Pick of The Month?
A. It's an old  homeless poem i have given a second chance for audience.

Q. What is The Special Feature?
A. Special features is a bunch of poem related by theme, topic, or poems all about one person.

To be continued....

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