Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We are Aquarius

(b side)

we are Aquarius,
you and i.

i am an old man,
your a lunch lady.

i was mean, and short,
and could only outgrow one.

you were cooler than you knew.
and colder,
than you had to.

you might be
smarter than me,
but i look better
in brown.

we are Aquarius,
playing god with art.
you with better luck,
me with just a collection
of lucky pennies .

you now play for the other team,
and i was never good
at sports.
we still root for each.

I've known you half my life,
even after you killed me
off in act 2.
i resurrected, like jesus or a zombie.
and here we are.

I'd like you to know,
the others
that reminded me of you,
were also a pain in ass.
so i just stop
replace you.

I'd like you to know,
You have stayed in my heart,
longer than most.

even though
I've known you half my life.
hardly ever showed up in
your words.
but you have the nasty habit
of showing up,
in my dreams.
while never bringing
baked goods.

but who has the time, really....

you had taste,
now your a chef.

i had no taste,
so i wanna claim a
stake in hollywood.

we are Aquarius,

I will always be older wiser,
your just a kid.

I am
lucky to know you,
I love you,
I just wanted to remind you.

its written in the stars,
we are Aquarius,
we are friends for life


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