Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Ever since
know you,
you lived out of

a vagrant.

ready to go.

I was lucky enough to catch you
during a long stretch,
you stayed in
one place.

when we were young, younger.

we became family.

I wanted you to know that even though,
you might have some idea
or have
a name
of where
you called home,
I always believed it was us.

your real sister,
and me.

Your home was us.

maybe including myself
in that equation is
a bit much,
too much.

But that's
how much I think of you.
that is
what you mean to me.

I worry about you,
like family does.

I am a bit upset that I can not be your bridesmaid.
I am upset that you can not have a best man.

my ego assuming,
you would ask me
to be either.

I've known you for so long.

I've known you,
you lived out of boxes.

a vagrant.

kept your room

didn't own many things.

ready to go.

I've helped you move,
and sometimes you never bother to unpack.

visited you
in Portland,
and you still were living out of boxes.

some boxes I suspected never opened.

you've lived here and there.
never standing still for very long.

Watching people come and go.
mostly going.

You got engaged-

You will settle down.
Build a home,
and after all this time


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