Friday, July 25, 2008

well it's my name

"Estaba pensando sobre viviendo con mi sister en New Jersey,
Ella me dijo que es una vida buena alla,
Bien rica bien chevere, Y yo voy."

I hadn't spoken to you
in two years.

about three months
you called.

It was easier to keep saving the message in my mailbox
than call you back.

I would have to share my life.
I'd have to let
you in for a moment.

i tried to spare

I wanted to call you.

It was on my list of things
to do.

and when i did call you

made me do push ups over the phone.
made me confess my fears about god
made me tell the truth
made me miss terresa
(god rest her soul)
made me feel better.
made me feel cared for.

what are friends for she says
what are friends for...

You called me a silly goose
messages at 2 in the morning.

awake like me
but for different reasons.

I remembered the time I went out on date with your room mate.
she later dated my roommate in a cosmic twist.

remembered you played that Manna song
on an old
boom box.

remembered the time
you dressed like
a bumble bee
for halloween.

when you met me...

and you hated my guts
couldn't stand me.
couldn't stand me.

but, and, however, and I told you so.

I can admit men, boys, and
what i am,
we are
as you point out...but only sometimes.

your a woman not so much a girl.

You run triatholons-
(how cool is

But no matter how fast,
can't out run every

You'll day will come.

You are alive.

Fuck yeah!

You are alive
and you reminded
that i was too...

fuck yeah...

You went on a cruise.

Now i wanna go on a cruise.
I wanna go on the high seas.

I wanna play in the sun.
I wanna sit by the pool...
i need some

Fuck the whales.

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