Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cafe Waitress

trying to
my friends to
drive to Hayes Valley,
to visit an old friend
we went for breakfast
at mommas royal cafe.

waitress came.

I swear to fucken god,
I thought it was
you abi.

Your hair longer,
some new tattoos behind your ear.
but you had
stupid barbell earrings on.

I heard you speak
that's where the doubt washed in.

I wasn't sure,
it was in your eyes.
Those fucken eyes...
those eyes made sense...

It didn't sound like you.
I looked for the tattoos on your back...
but your jeans
low enough.

If it's you, i wanna die honey.
If it's really you i wanna hide.
If it's you i wanna
make love again.

How can i not be sure.
what's wrong with me.

Why can't I be sure.

I ask her name but she doesn't hear me.
or if she did,
she's playing cool.

pretending to not know each other,
or not pretending at all.
would it matter either way?

My friends decided to head home after breakfast.
I saw an old friend I hadn't seen in while.


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