Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Penguin Poem

It takes so much
to make
a penguin.
so much effort... it is
insane really.

ok ok.
so i just saw that march of the penguins movie....again
(i enjoy morgan freeman's voice.)

but yeah, it takes soo much.
suffering, is one word, that comes to mind.
survival is another,
i don't know.

two black and white birds,
traveling miles,
singing to one another,
creating an
egg that can never touch the ground.

fighting the odds.
barely surviving.
sometimes losing.

only to do it over again, and again
with someone new.

many words come to mind,
but not love.
it is not love.
this is not love, and
they face the wrath of god
for one another,
and brave possible death,
as you
are not
even capable
of pulling out
a cell phone,
and pushing seven numbers
to say


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