Monday, July 02, 2007


Pretending Everything is O.K
isn't that hard,
because i'm not that
good at it.

armature really.

I can't explain and if i could
then i would explain,
so like mini vinilly
i will blame it on the rain,
menstruation (hers or mine),
voodoo, or
Planetary shift,
call it what you

its in the middle in
my living room
dressed up like
a 500 pound
and i don't want to
mention it.

Pretending everything is ok.
is like acting,
and i not good at that either.
i still shake when
i am nervous,
because nervous people shake,
rock stars rattle and roll .

Pretending, to be bullet proof,
is silly when
seen shivering,
your caught red handed,
probably from
a bullet wound.

Pretending everything is ok, is
something i am not very good at
but i will keep at it,
simply because
i wasn't very good at
being hopelessly fucking miserable


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