Sunday, July 01, 2007

South Central Farm

The eviction
notice was served.

We didn't know anybody inside
so we sat outside on crates and
left over chairs.

We spent the night lookin out for the cops.

“Don’t let you know who” near the emergency horn.

We met Jesus,
Carlos, The Canadians
and the Anarchist Girls.

We saw a blond movie starl, we ate dried apples. We sang Beach Boys songs for a second. They played Frisbee in the street. The trucks honked their horns.

Carlos tried to prove there wasn't a God because God couldn't microwave a burrito so hot that God couldn't eat it....

The cute revolutionist on the bike wears a pink thong.

They had their drums, guitars and sage.
We had each other.

Then Sunrise.

no cops just
another day to
wait for a something to happen.


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