Sunday, July 01, 2007

What time is it?

What time is it? I asked.
"Time is relative" she says.
I don't talk to my relatives much... I says
"Talk is cheap", she says.

I'm not cheap, I enjoy a good sale though, i says
"Maybe you've sold out," she says
No, I'm pretty sure I've none left. I says
"Left or Right,
its your decision." she says
Your right, your right....right as rain. i says
"It might rain." she says
"Depends on the weather."
Whether or not it does, it'll be good for the planet, I guess.
We'll see, I says
"Sometimes my stomach ties in a knot, and that’s never good.
Once i tried so hard to tell him it was over.
and i kept changing the subject to avoid the confrontation.
It made me dizzy,
he made me sick
i didn't feel well
It made me sad.
it is 2:15 pm Pacific Standard time" she says.

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