Tuesday, April 01, 2008

slight pause

I've been silent for awhile.

in my life
needed a slight pause
gather my thoughts.

a pause to
come to a reckoning

of what it has meant
in few words, as possible.

I will miss those kids, and with all my heart
hope i have made a difference for the better.

I will never be completely certain,
and this made me pause.

how will i know?

"how" is the
rational mind,
the heart just "knows".

I wanted to pass on something I know,
something that did not require the
elevated mind of the Buddha

I told them.

"We all make mistakes,
We all make mistakes,
We all make mistakes,
it is what you do afterwards that tell you who you are."

it is not profound, nor earth shattering.
just something for
them to
and think about.

it won't solve all their problems.
but it might help with some.

I reckon that’s good enough


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