Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Monty Got a Raw Deal

(for montell)

oh hell no!
Monty got a
raw deal.

fucked em up.

got canceled,
for tellin all the white folks ,
soldiers died in war.

Monty got sucker punched, blind sided hardcore, that
not even
Sylvia brown,
saw coming.

The Fox people
wanted Monty to pine for Heath.
on a brokeback life,
they wanted a knight's tale.
or at the very least
10 things he hated about Heath.

so it goes
a single actor dead is a tragedy.
28 soldiers souls is
a statistic.

Monty got a raw deal,
for tellin all the white folks,
soldiers die in wars.
This war.
Soldiers died in this war
and nobody knows their names.

In the future everyone will be famous.


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