Monday, June 29, 2009

escape plan

it was my fault really,
i felt like bringing me along was too much,

one was fine,
but two was imposing,

i was imposing.

so we decided,
that it was for the best

make other plans.

but she wanted to see you,
i wanted to see you,

[ We had no intention of reliving the past but instead
creating the future
something new

we wanted to escape
fiancees, resumes, loneliness and responsibilities ]

and we wanted to
walk down the streets of
los angeles

with you

you had places to be,
and things to do.

[and i suspect better things to do]

you will always be included in the plans for escape,
even if you
have no intention
of coming along.

[even if you
had nothing in your
you needed
to escape


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