Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mr. jackson

they was trying to get at your money son,
trying to jack what you had-

because you were Bad-

maybe you did it,
maybe you didn't.

maybe it was just their greed.
you were poor too...once.

now you're dead,
you meant
something to people.

though the meaning
has changed over time-

but they wanna forgive.

they wanna forgive you
but no one wants to
say it-

because it would
be admission,

the king of pop-
popped too many pills
popped too many pills to kill the pain-

You got hooked
you got high,
and you fell-

and not just
with the drugs.

maybe you got carried away.
maybe there weren't enough pills
to kill that kind of pain-

better luck in the next life,
cuz in this one

you got jacked son


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