Thursday, June 18, 2009

stand still

they came in
like missionaries



taking the slain
for conversation.

letting me know I'm babysitting my

finding out we all know the same lesbian,

talking me out of not
meeting women tonight,

[ reminding me there are women to dance with all around
just standing there-

telling me
to meet them all, until they call last call and see who is
left still standing-
[and who will fall.]

they came in like missionaries:

remembering last time,
they made a vow
to help find a girl who wouldn't mind the company or the sudden departure

[even though
i had not shown up alone-]

they came in like angels:
finding me alone and inching me off
the precipice

to see if i could fly-

they came in like Valkyries:
just to remind me that i am not dead yet,

no, not dead yet
standing still.]


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