Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It is embarrassing to admit
but it worked.

that thing you did: I was
and entertained
by your entrance-

it was pure spectacle.

you entered loudly
the copy place,
your arrival in cowboy boots and shorts,
hair wild and curly.

accompanied by two other girls,
a trio,
a pack
a gang
you their leader-
Pinky Tuscadero

making copies of god knows what-
you stood behind me in line the faint smell of girl, shampoo, and Buddha.

you weren't conventional beauty-
no that would be too easy-
and your laugh
was artifical- broorish

but you
you just owed it-
you were too cool

our interaction brief-
but it stuck with me all day-
there was no escaping you.

I thought about you later
as I went to write-

I knew you worth talking about -
if not necessarily talking too.

I sat down began writing and noticed your
face on the bulletin board-
one of the copies you made for your show-

sign or coincidence-

there was no escaping you.


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