Sunday, July 06, 2014

If You Want to Know Why

I got bored with success
I got bored with failure.

I got bored with enlightenment
I got bored with ego

I got bored with truth,
I got bored with lies.

I got bored with my poetry
I got bored with your poetry.

So now,
I will leave you all
leave this place,
this town.

I will find a land where
men fight men to death

Where the women are
fierce and take on many

where food is hunted
and eaten raw.

There covered in
scars and in the blood of
other men
I will write poems
so raw and beautiful-
will weep.

And I will recite them every night into the star filled emptiness-
until that becomes boring.

Only to return here
to tell you-
there is nothing more to say,
stand once again in God's silence.


  1. the search for differences will continue for century to come.

    love the topic.

  2. a raw poem does serve your well here.
    lovely free verse.

  3. god one,

    God will give you permission to write whatever you wish, we do feel moved upon sad events.

  4. flat and smooth may not be our sole option.
    honest write, well done.

  5. every fight hurts,
    that's why we vouch for world peace.

  6. sometimes, a moving story indeed makes God weep.

    bravo, stunning imagery.

  7. Anonymous1:26 AM

    This is fierce. goes to the heart.

  8. love this.

    an award for you, beautiful talents.


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