Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dirty Laundry

To expose your soul
through the written word,
is to be left
with no secrets.

All your dirty laundry
will hang out to dry.

You will stand naked-
for all to see
for all to judge

The Emperor has no clothes.

and they will judge
in the safety of
their costumes
their disguises
their armor

and yes I choose stand bare to the world.

like Adam
still in the garden
still naming the beast
still naked before his lover and god.

like Adam
before sin
before shame
before he lay his crown down, and cast out of paradise.

Poor Eve  to lose her lover to the

So yes, I will hang my dirty laundry,
To be clean.

and they will
scream in the streets
"the emperor has no clothes"!

I will say
" I am naked,
 and an Emperor.
Tell me something I did not already know."


  1. I feel similarly about writing. It is like being naked and exposed but it's also empowering -- "Tell me something I did not already know."

  2. being frank and honest is cool.
    it depends on circumstances.

    lovely verse, happy rally.

  3. free word flow,
    enjoyed the read.

  4. being honest is cool,
    in today's world, people are more brave.

  5. in reality,
    we may not be able to get naked and share everything in our mind.

    your way is a way of frank writing expression, lovely wording.

  6. clean after they are washed,
    very interesting title.

  7. metaphors do wonders on us all the time.


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