Friday, September 20, 2013

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Take it,
Take what is yours.
Take the blood i owe.
Take it in small drops
or in buckets red and rusted.


And when you're done,
when the stone is dry-
take some more.

Take the boring Mondays.
Take the socks on the floor.
Take the last beer.

Take them too.

Take the souvenir cups.
Take the lonesome nights.
Take the dull razor.

Take everything, 
from the VHS tapes
to the kitchen sink-
(it's still dirty).

Take back the college education
worth thousand of dollars-
 repossess it.
 we'll call it even.
(I am not doing much with it anyways)

Take the last shred of me
that dreams.

Take it all,
The whole kit and caboodle.


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