Monday, October 22, 2012

another one of my dreams

I was graduating from Berkeley again in an
I was on guard duty as well.

I was graduating with
the black students
and had
a mini dvd player turned on.

I couldn't find the
off button,
The Dean or someone else very important-
came in,
the DVD player made a loud noise.

He tried to confiscate it.
and I refused,
I was too attached.

He burst into anger and
tripped and fell off stage.

I knew I would never graduate.

I went to the cafeteria and it was
no longer free to eat there,
a girl behind the glass wall said they
were hiring.

(I felt the weight of the world lifted)

while driving
my older sister
had stolen my kite and was flying
it out the window
as a stranger drove.

The car swerved as the kite
pulled in one direction.

She let the kite go,
and we were free.


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