Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Keep Failing?

Some men spend
their entire lives perfecting
Money Scams,
Medical Cures,
(or other ways
of killing other men.)

Each mastering
their craft.

Masters of Art
Masters of Money
Masters of Life
Masters of Death

I ponder my own existence.

What was i perfecting?
What am i master of?

What do i have to show
for all these years?

I have nothing.
Nothing but myself to show for.
I am an imperfect being, constantly trying
to perfect itself.

But everyday i wake up and try.

And some will scoff,
or shake their heads.

Perfection is only for
a Jesus
a Buddha
or someone holy.

And they will say
how dare you?!
How dare you try.
How dare you suggest…  

Not understanding-
Failing to understand
that was the whole point of their existence-
Of our existence.

So I
continue to fail
continue to try
continue to perfect.

I  will be master of myself, one day.
What else is there to do?
Death will come either way,
I assure you,  someone out there
is working on it.


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