Saturday, December 01, 2007

Amusement Park

I've waited
in this line before...
I've ridden this ride

It goes
round and round,
up and down.
ending as quickly
as it began.

I've yelled,
gotten sick
on this ride before.

I can't believe
you find this fun.
back again.
to take that ride again.

you were
but still tall enough
to ride.

i was
still young
for my age.

lookin for amusement in an amusment park.

As I recall,
I didn't want you to
think I was chicken,
but I was.

Not cause i didn't see the drops
but because
i did...

It was a chance
to let go of the bar
and put my arms in the air...
and surrender.

but for your amusement.

Back again,
to take that ride again.
Time to wait again
Time to feel sick again
Time to get off...

I wanna get off,
just... how badly
this time?


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