Sunday, December 02, 2007

our song

it was
second half of
freshman year.

was everywhere,
there was no
escaping it.

so i believed fate wanted it to
be our song.

our song reminds
of you, then, there,
so far away
from home.

I loved you because you reminded me of home.

it played when
we'd drive down
from school,
for winter break...
on our first date.
on the television when i'd wait up late at night.

"I don't believe that anybody
feels the way i feels the
way i do about you now..."

It was true, then.

You didn't stick around long
enough to disappoint me.

Its been a long time,
i heard you moved to
new york, or something.

we don't speak,
but you visit me in dreams,
in photos,
and that song.

i hit play, rewind, repeat.

"cause maybe your gonna be the one that saves me..."

You didn't,
but that's ok,
I didn't know what the fuck i was doing either......

there should be
no apologies,
for being teenagers.


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