Monday, May 11, 2009

mincing words

Ancient Chinese recipe for Tiger Soup:
"First catch the tiger...."

I was worried that I was
too easy to find.

There was too much of
myself out there.

I know you came looking.
but not just you,
the other one too...

There were too many
cooks in the kitchen.

I began to mince my words.

the poems suffered...

Blanched, Boiled, Braised
[(watered down)]


Too many cooks
have spoiled
the broth.

[she says]
If you can't take the heat,
get out of the kitchen-

But there is too much of myself
out there for you to find-

I have no where to go-

so the words and the poems
will have to do-

I will have to do-
You will have to do-

and now we're
cooking with gas.


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