Sunday, February 08, 2009

white coat pencil skirt

They've been sticking pins in me for awhile now-
trying to cure my blues.

Been drinking thier witches brew-

[to not only see the daylight, but feel it-]

I've been seeing men in white coats for awhile now.
"Same time next week gentlemen."
they say i'm getting better-

She was walking around outside in a white coat and pencil skirt- the first time
I saw her.

It was the skirt that got my attention-
[she had style for a young woman.

She wore her hair skillfully -
the way
a girl wearing a pencil skirt would- ]

I wait in the waiting room,
sometimes half expecting to see her-

and for awhile I thought coincidence smiled on me-

today she just held her glance sitting in another room-
and came over to say hello-

they say i'm getting better-

I feel better-
I feel good.

"Same time next week gentlemen.-
Same time next week Miss."


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