Friday, May 16, 2008

All of our friends

Fate and time has taken us like sailors, scattered, searching and suriving the sea, like Ulyesses into the unknown, drawn to sirens, drawn to song. Lost at times, Like sailors searching for fortune and fame

Fate and time, has made us age into adults, giving way to new ideas, ways of life, experience for the inexperienced. sharing grocery bills, babies, wedding rings, vows, mortgages, leases, pets, and toy collections moved into back rooms.

We are rebellion without regret, students without a schools, Lawyers without Laws to govern what or who is ours, Sinners without god, and gods without sins, Family of many mothers, looking for one another in the dark, and in the light.

In the age of when people forgot, who they were

In the age when people forgot, who they are

In the age when people were as if asleep,

In the age where people awaited the end, without a beginning
All of our friends,
will hold on together.

In the age without sacrifice
In the age without forgiveness
In the age without heroes.

we hold together.

There are no more heroes
only us.

Now go and conquer the world.


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