Sunday, May 18, 2008

K. looks like Carrie

It was your

You looked like Sara J. Parker.

I have a thing
for noses.

always have.

You looked like Sara J. and I wanted to get to know you.

we became best friend.
I stood you up for prom because I was too poor to go.
Freaked out when I thought you were going to marry a one earred Christan boy who cured you of
I did nothing after he was gone.

I wanted to marry you when I was 18.
You know, so do all our friends.
your boyfriend is a punk
you know
but I never call.

You always looked like Sara J.
even after a nose job.
Just like your mom.

I dreamt about you last night
answered a question I was asking myself.
so I asked myself another.

I caught an episode of that show with Sara J. about "The City"

Thought about you again.
Because i thought your parents
were in love,
and mine weren't

Thought they
told you a secret
and maybe you knew
something I wanted to know.

Thought about how much Carrie looks like you, and not the other way around.
Thought about how I had a thing for noses, and still do.


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