Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wanna hold your hand

I didn't get it at first,
i was kid,
i didnt' get
that song,
that song by the beatles.
you know
i wanna hold your hand.

i could hum it, but i am sure you
know it,
they also sang it in german.
maybe you've heard it in german, it
was and is a big song for them.
back in 64.
it took a while, to understand.
the lyrics
implied that the girl in the song
but girls were hard to come by as a kid,
so i had to wait
a long awhile,
in retrospect
compared to the life span
of a tortorise not so long
or in dog years
or in cheetah, possum or the curious palatapus,
longer than desired...but,
anyway you get the point,
it took some time....

till i finally held a girl's hand
it took some time,
but it was worth it,
i finally understood that i belonged too her
and she belonged too me...

this was a revalation,
her hand,
held tight.
god i loved her,
even after the magic.

later came others with new hands, and bodies, legs, thighs and breast,
i came to understand those as well.
But her, she was the first to communicate, plant flags in me, make me sing beatle songs for her. like eve, before
the coming desedmona.

she was the first to want, in order to belong there was the want, and the need,

she eventually had to let go,
as did the next
and the next
and so on and so on,
until we come to you....
you, without too much time on your hands
leaving me wanting...but not knowing what to do
you, who can not hold me,
let alone my hand.
you who is one of two birds in the bush,
while i hold none in the hand...
i wanna hold your hand.
i wanna hold your hand.
i wanna hold your hand.
but want to, is to have failed myself.
i'm losing my touch
i'm losing my grip,
you've left me empty handed...

it is time to let go....

as even milton's adam and eve
exited, politely the garden,
"They hand in hand with wand'ring steps and slow
Through Eden took their solitary way. "

i will make my exit, to hunt or gather or whatever it is i do...

"Oh yeah i'll tell you something,
i think you'll understand..."
they say that idle hands are
the devil's play

and i am sure she, the devil, with full
lips and hips, and raven hair,
who ever and wherever she is,
will want to play...
its good work if you can find it.


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