Wednesday, August 01, 2007

42) Brian wilson sings

amongst the old men, and punk kid trying hard in a trucker hat.
i sat in obstructed view, waiting for brian wilson.
in los angeles....
where no one walks.
Brian wilson waits to sing. to me.

Pet sounds from start to finish.

'wouldn't it be nice......then we'd be happy"
"Carol i know...."
"the sloop john b

he sings for you too ###.
as i think of you.

and the day you left.
and the first time I heard the album after.

then again and again.
and again until

longing for you became a mere formality than a nessecity.
Brian wilson sings, for me tonite ###.

and he sings for you.

i try to remember our love tonite,

i try hard, but not as hard as the punk kid in the trucker hat, trying to pretend he's too cool
to sing along to Surfer Girl.


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